At Ace SKWAL we utilize the latest materials and cutting edge technologies to make our skwals. Close attention to detail and tight quality controls ensure that you are getting the best performing skwal available on the market today.

175cm Skwal

After 5 years of extensive R&D testing we are proud to introduce our 175cm SKWAL!



This board has all the latest tech inside to handle any snow condition and carves incredibly smoothly with maximum edge hold. The decambered tip and tail, tight sidecut, and narrow waist make this board SUPER AGILE for ON DEMAND CARVING!


This board specializes in carving but is designed to tackle the entire mountain, on or off piste.


A go to for any day, any mountain, any condition.


Tech & Specs

Titanal Construction + Carbon Tophseet

All the tech isn't just on the inside. Our carbon topsheet highlights the character of the board. A high tech, high quality carving machine!


Our unique sidecut radius geometry allows you to crank the tightest turns possible while also allowing for high speed turn stability.


Our skwals feature a decambered nose & tail for on demand turn initiation and smooth edge release.

The Data

Length 175cm • Nose: 18cm • Waist: 12cm • Tail:17.5cm • Sidecut: ~10M

Symmetrical Flex

Ace SKWALs have a symmetrical flex pattern designed for a smooth responsive ride with maximum edge hold.

Die-cut Base

The base of our skwals feature a high speed race base with die-cut logo.

$849 USD

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