165cm Green Mountain Proto

The GOAT - Goes Over Any Terrain




This easy riding board embodies the soul of the legendary Thias Easy Jungle and is refined with a modern shape and flex pattern. This board specializes in carving but is designed to tackle the entire mountain, on or off piste.


This quiver killer is a go to for ANY DAY, ANY MOUNTAIN, ANY CONDITION.


Tech & Specs

Classic Glass Construction

Traditional fiberglass construction keeps true to the character of the OG.


Our unique sidecut radius geometry allows you to crank the tightest turns possible while also allowing for high speed turn stability.


Our skwals feature a decambered nose & tail for on demand turn initiation and smooth edge release.

The Data

Length 165cm • Nose: 18cm • Waist: 12cm • Tail:17.5cm • Sidecut: ~9M

Symmetrical Flex

Ace SKWALs have a symmetrical flex pattern designed for a smooth responsive ride with maximum edge hold.

Die-cut Base

The base of our skwals feature a high speed race base with die-cut logo.

$695 USD

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Serial #1.20.006

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Serial #1.20.008

Brand new, ready for action!